Late Phase Research

It is well recognised that while randomised clinical trials provide the most rigorous and solid evidence of product efficacy under carefully controlled trial setup, they are carried out using selected target population and under idealized conditions. In addition, they are expensive to conduct. Other data sources and techniques may better evaluate the product’s properties ...

Commercial Effectiveness

Facing the reality of reimbursement shortening and legal restrictions of sales activities by national regulators, the pharma seeks for better guidance in directing its commercial efforts. The importance of high-quality and rapidly available competitive intelligence is increasing, mainly with regard to optimising segmentation, targeting and timing of marketing and sales ...

Market Research

Knowing what your customers really think about your products is a key factor for marketing and sales strategies in every business. In times of saturated Pharma markets, decisions based on professional research become an essential component of good practices of every brand and sales manager in the field. The doctor is no longer a channel between the industry and patients – he ...

Technology and Solutions

CEEOR largely gains its competitive benefit from its software developed and employed in-house. CEEOR deployed several important software platforms to facilitate faster, smarter and better transfer and processing of data into knowledge. We distinguish between three major areas for CEEOR's software application; the Commercial Effectiveness with its data collection, storage ...

See what our customers say about us

CEEOR’s PromoMonitor supplies key customer feedback right to our desktops in real-time, allowing us to promptly develop and coordinate our commercial strategies and adapt local tactics accordingly. In Teva we pay increasing attention to basing our commercial decisions on real world data so consequently it is of great importance to us to receive continuous, genuine customer feedback. This helps us to gain competitive advantage on the market and implement a customer centric culture.

Vladislav Urda - Commercial Excellence Director Europe at Teva Pharmaceuticals